Kokala Porcupinefish Plushie
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Kokala Porcupinefish Plushie

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In Hawai'i, porcupinefish are also called Kokala.

Kokala are covered with sharp spines and can inflate into a large ball too big to swallow, which makes it difficult for predators to attack and eat them. When in a peaceful state, the sharp spines lie flat against their bodies, but stand up when they start to swell. A large porcupinefish in its inflated state can be the size of a basketball and with its additional 2-3 inch (5-7 cm) spines it can choke a large shark to death.

Kokala are revered by some families as 'aumakua, the family god and protector.

 Approx 8" in length. Made from recycled plastic.

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